How to buy life insurance
  • Be truthful if you smoke or else you will get declined or issued a higher rate. Rates will go down once you have quite smoking for 1 year
  • Buy term for only the period you need
  • Make sure the policy is not annual renewable, choose level premiums, especially if you have a long time to go
  • No one can discount the price of a company's policy
  • Only buy life insurance if you need it (If your family would lose their home without your income)
  • If both spouses work, both should have life insurance to replace their own income.
  • Don't buy insurance for kids.
  • Buy a face amount of several times your annual income.
  • Stick with term life insurance unless you need coverage past 75
  • Consider whole life insurance if you have an estate tax problem or want to pay for a funeral
  • Shop term life insurance on the internet
  • Try not to have many different life insurance policies on yourself, because of annual fees, billing, etc.
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