The history of electronic cigarettes

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Today, electronic cigarettes are extremely popular, probably because a lot of advantages are associated with them.  There is no ash, no smoke, they are odorless and they can be used in the majority of places, if not everywhere where smoking is generally banned. When it comes to the way they look, most of them are very similar to real tobacco cigarettes. Basically, they look and feel the same as the real thing, only without all the negative things that are usually associated with tobacco cigarettes. There is no doubt that these devices are catching on very fast, even though they are still considered to be relatively new products. But when exactly where they invented?

Many people believe that the first electronic cigarette was invented not so long ago, by a man from China named Han Like. However, the first person who thought of the idea of having something to smoke without actually inhaling smoke was Herbert A. Gilbert. In 1963, he was the first who filed a patent for an electronic cigarette, but unfortunately, his vision at the time did not have a chance of becoming real for two reasons. First of all, there was no technology available that could be used to make such a product and people did not really see the need for making something like that because the dangerous of smoking were not as discussed as they are today. In fact, few were those that even thought about it.

After that, it took about forty years for the first electronic cigarette to appear on the market. In 2003, Han Lik, inspired by his father, created the first electronic cigarette, after which electronic cigarettes first appeared on the market in China. Europe followed and in the United States, electronic cigarettes appeared in 2007. Needless to say, electronic cigarettes became more and more popular as the time passed.

However, there were many people who believed that electronic cigarettes were not something that should be used even though they knew nothing about them. In reality, it was clear that electronic cigarettes had many advantages and the most important piece of news came from a study in New Zealand which confirmed that electronic cigarettes did not contain any kind of toxic ingredients.

Today, because electronic cigarettes are such a popular alternative when it comes to smoking, there are all kinds of brands, styles and types that are available on the market.  People have a wide variety to choose from and there is no doubt that this is one of the reasons why people became interested in them so much. What are even more, new styles, looks and flavors are being invented almost on a daily basis.